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Parent FAQs

Cursive is a type of writing. Those who join Cursive Writing Course are taught to write in a cursive style, Handwriting improvement is not a part of this course. But, ours is a handwriting improvement course, where repair of flaws is done for any style in which the individual writes be it print, cursive, italics or any other.

We have been working on handwriting improvement for over 2 decades; hence, it is most unlikely to happen. Nevertheless, if it does happen in a rare case, our experts will happily devote 3-4 days extra with the student. We will readily refund the fee for the course if the improvement is still not seen.

Yes, the speed of the handwriting will come down, after the course, but after 10- 15 days of practice; the child will be able to come to its natural speed. If you want to increase the writing speed of your child, you can choose our ‘Speed Writing’ course too.

Every child’s handwriting problems are different, and so are the requirements. Our experts analyze and identify individual flaws in one’s writing and tutor to repair accordingly. It, therefore, becomes mandatory for the trainer to give personal attention to every child.

You can improve your handwriting of print style because we only repair the flaws affecting the legibility in any type of handwriting be it print, cursive or italics, without changing the individual's writing style. To facilitate the same, we have exclusive training methods and materials for all types of handwriting.

Yes, the improvement is permanent, provided a student consciously follows the instructions given by the teacher for at least 3 months.

Yes, our fee is high at face value. Our training procedures are backed-up with 22 years of Research and Development. Every trainer of ours is well trained and certified. Our training process is customized to meet the needs of individual handwriting. Once you see the results, you will feel that our fee is just right.

We have served more than 4, 00,000 students with 100% results across 1000+ centers in different countries and have never failed by far. The technique used by us is scientific and foolproof. Our trainers focus 100% on identified technical errors and repair them.

The results are permanent as we teach the students based on scientifically proven techniques. The retention depends upon the capability of the students and their conscious efforts of implementing the advices into their writing.

Yes, it has an impact on your personal life as it develops many aspects of human behavior. It makes you expressive, presentable, creative, conscious, and self controlled.

We offer basic training in 8 historical fonts to ignite your creative instincts.

It is a systematically designed program good enough to ignite your creative instincts. Over a period, you can develop your fonts with ease.

Calligraphy is the simplest means of enhancing creative abilities. It is used by students in academic projects, and professionals use it for designing wedding cards. It can also use in print media, electronic media, movies and designer nameplates, etc. It can be chosen as a profession in the field of Advertising and Designing. The beverage industry uses calligraphy fonts on its labels.

Yes, the legibility and speed can go hand in hand. The concept of our speed handwriting program is to ensure good quality handwriting along with speed. Our techniques are scientifically proven to deliver 100% results.

On average the speed can be leveraged by 50%. The speed varies from person to person. Every individual can achieve a different level of increase in the writing speed.

Yes, this is also a guaranteed program like all our other programs. As on date, more than 200,000 students have benefited through the Speed Writing program of Write Right.

The results are permanent as we teach the students based on scientifically proven techniques. The retention depends upon the capability of the students and their conscious efforts in implementing the advice into their writing.

The technology used for increasing speed is based on 3 M’s: M= Myth, M= Motivation, M= Music. We break the myth that writing in speed distorts handwriting. Our trainers are experts in motivating the students through various techniques to write fast. During the speed writing course, specially created music is played that helps to enhance the writing speed.

Although there is no fixed standard, 25-30 words per minute are considered to be good writing speed. A writing speed that enables a student to meet the deadlines in his/her examination, without distorting the legibility, is good.