Handwriting Tips

Write Right an institute of Handwriting Technology, has been working on handwriting for the past 22 years. It's expert team of Research, Development and Training have identified more than 56+ types of errors that people make while writing. Based on these observations, the team provides expert advice to people that help in handwriting repair.

Mentioned below are the major handwriting tips which can be implemented to make one's handwriting legible.

1. Style Of Writing

There are various styles of writing like print, italics, cursive, etc. but important is there should be consistency in one’s handwriting. This means if one writes in cursive, he/she should maintain continuity. It should not blend two or more different styles while writing. When you write with maintaining the sanctity of the style (you have chosen to use) your legibility increases which also portraits a positive impression on the reader.

2. Size And Shape

Every letter has a size and definite shape which has to be maintained so that it is read properly. To deliver the correct message i.e. reducing the chances of your message being misread becomes possible when the letters are framed in their actual zones (upper, middle and lower) without any distortion. It enhances the legibility of one’s handwriting. Whenever you write or create a letter, make sure it is read as you want it to be.

3. Slants

Some people have slants in their handwriting. These can be either on the left side or right side. Extreme slants on the left cause overlapping, while those in the right slant leave no or less space for the next letter to be written. Extremes of both sides of slants affect the readability of the words or sentences. Either left or right, all slants are correct. But, avoid extremes and maintain a consistent angle of slants.

4. Spacing Between Letters And Words

Inadequate spacing can make writing clumsy. If no proper spaces are maintained between the letters, they tend to overlap each other. Because of the overlapping, the letters lose their individuality. The word may become illegible or can also be misread. This results in miscommunication or also creates a negative image of the writer in the mind of one reading it. We should maintain an optimum space between the letters and words by ensuring that the individuality of every letter is maintained.

5. Letter Creation

In context to the English language, we should know that there are a few basic letters which if learned automatically makes it easy for the other letters to be created. The letters like c, i, n, u, etc. are the basis of the formation of most of the other letters. For example, if we learn to create ‘i’, we can make l, t, etc.