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Deadlines are order of the day. Writing within the allotted time span with legibility and speed plays an important role in everyone’s life, whether a student or a professional. Writing with speed and legibility has an important role to play. It enables students to compose with correct spellings and quality content to express their knowledge about different subjects. It has been proved in various studies that speed adds to one's ability to think and also play a vital role in learning the language and its vocabulary. It also adds to the quality of verbal communication.

A person with slow handwriting has poor mind-motor coordination, which affects his ability to remember spellings, has problems in letter formation, shaping the letters and ill formed upper and lower cases.

In competitive exams or regular school exams, a particular method for assessing an individual's ability is followed, wherein one's knowledge is tested within a particular time. Failure to do so not only affects the performance, but also has an adverse effect on the confidence of the student. Your knowledge gets unrecognized if your speed is under 30 words per minute.

Research shows that speed writing is a major factor in competitive examinations. Students whose abilities to express are compromised due to learning disabilities like Dyslexia or Dysgraphia are also assessed on basis of their subject knowledge expressed in writing. The competency levels of majority of students seem to get adversely affected due to slow writing and it is often perceived to be inadequate for survival in the competitions.

A major misconception is that with increased writing speed, the legibility of handwriting deteriorates.

Our teaching techniques ensure a good writing speed without any adverse effect on the quality of handwriting.


  • Duration- 15 days
  • One hour daily
  • No home work
  • Exclusive Course Material
  • Good Writing Speed accompanied by legible handwriting
  • 100% Result
  • No extra time needed to learn traditional shorthand
  • Excellent faculties

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can legibility be achieved with speed?

Yes, the legibility and speed can go hand in hand. The Concept of our speed handwriting program is to ensure good quality handwriting along with speed. Our techniques are scientifically proven to deliver 100% results.

2. How much writing speed can be increased?

On an average the speed can be leveraged by 50%. The speed varies from person to person. Every individual can achieve a different level of increase in the writing speed.

3. Is this program guaranteed like your other programs?

Yes, this is also a guaranteed program like all our other programs. As on date, more than 200,000 students have benefited through the Speed Writing program of Write Right.

4. Is the result of the program permanent?

The results are permanent as we teach the students based on scientifically proven techniques. The retention depends upon the capability of the students and their conscious efforts of implementing the advices into their writing.

5. What Technique is used for increasing the speed?

The technology used for increasing speed is based on 3 M’s: M= Myth, M= Motivation, M= Music. We break the myth that writing in speed distorts handwriting. Our trainers are experts in motivating the students through various techniques to write fast. During the speed writing course, specially created music is played that helps to enhance the writing speed.

6. Is there any standard for speed?

Although there is no fixed standard, but 25-30 words per minute is considered to be good writing speed. A writing speed that enables a student to meet the deadlines in his examination, without distorting the legibility, is a good writing speed.

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