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Have you ever thought how much you really read every day do? You would answer, reading a newspaper to know what is happening around the world, or reading your course books… You may also read several e-mails and even business proposals. ‘Reading’ is probably the most important activity of your daily routine.

We mostly overlook the importance of reading unless it is too late. But, the fact is that maximum of what we learn is through reading. And, what about reading with speed? Certainly, Speed Reading can result into incredible benefits.

The students, who practice brisk reading, score higher than those who are slow at reading. Reading with speed helps comprehend larger information also ensure better retention too. Moreover when one reads fast, they are able to make effective use of their study hours. You would certainly wonder how? We would answer it for you…

Suppose two kids who do 2 hours of self study each. The former kid is a fast reader while the latter one is slow at reading. The first one when reads his lessons, is able to cover a larger syllabus in those 2 hours of study than the second child. During exams the first child successfully attempts all questions unlike the other one. This is a result of a sharp pictorial memory which he captures while reading fast through the pages.

Subsequently, we can say that Speed reading develops a better understanding and knowledge to succeed in academics, work and career.


  • Duration- 10 days
  • One hour daily
  • No homework
  • Guaranteed results
  • Individualized training

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average speed of reading and how much speed will I gain through this course?

An average reader can read about 125 to 175 words per minute. After taking up our speed reading training, the trained reader would be able to read up to 350 or more words in a minute.

2. What are the benefits of speed reading?

Speed reading is a valuable skill at school and at workplace. Following are its benefits:
Saves time by doubling the speed of reading
Develops brain by increasing the band width of visualization
Processing multiple visual images at a time
Builds better photographic memory
Reduces fatigue
Helps retain larger information
Improves concentration

3. Do you provide study material for the course?

Yes, we have designed exclusive course material to specialize our pupils in reading with speed. But, we also ensure that our techniques are applicable to any other material like newspapers, magazines, online content too.

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