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Penmanship is the method of practicing handwriting with the help of a writing instrument.

There are plentiful advantages of penmanship and handwriting. The students who write in pen have a tremendously beneficial effect on the understanding of subject and have a better memorizing ability. These effects are subdued in the students who do not practice handwriting.

When writing with hand (i.e. either using a pen or pencil), there is an imprint of the written words and sentences over the brain. These imprints then help in identifying the letters, and this ability of the brain is commonly known as “sensorimotor”.

The researchers during various studies have found that when we make use of hands, they play an effective role in the cognitive development of the brain so as to enhance learning. This type of learning becomes the building block in developing ones language to be able to communicate. The studies have given facts that the hand movements are responsible for visual recognition of letters.

Handwriting puts a noticeable impact on the brain regarding shape and size of letters, like it happens in the case of writing. The temporal lobe of the brain, which is associated with proficient learning of the language, is developed thoroughly while writing in hand.

A surprisingly evident fact about writing is that when letters or words are written on a paper, it automatically helps enhancing the speech of the person. The ability to write well, aids in developing better reading abilities and effective pronunciation of words.

Write Right opportune individuals to learn penmanship and have an edge over others. It is a place where there is a wealth of resources available for practicing “the art of penmanship”. Here, individuals can trade tips on improving handwriting through penmanship.

WriteRightIndia brings you Clear Penmanship Solutions and Teaching methods.

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