Know Your Child!


1. What do I expect from my child?

Every parent has certain expectations from their children. But, does that mean they can dictate their wishes to the children? No! The right way is to analyze their interests and caliber of your child and accordingly prepare them for forthcoming challenges. The handwriting program of Write Right develops the child’s personality by increasing its efficiency and higher scores in examinations.


2. Does my child lose marks because of its illegible handwriting?

Yes, your child is most likely to lose some marks owing to the illegibility of his writing. The marks that he scores in exams might be much lesser than what he deserves. The scores of the child highly depend on the quality and readability of the content. Being a concerned parent you need to take measures to overcome this problem. The child may need guidance from experts.


3. Does my child lack poise because his handwriting is not up to the mark?

Probably yes. Teachers in school, more than often rebuke the child for illegibility of his/her handwriting in presence of the entire class. This greatly affects the self-esteem of your child. Such children are seen to become introverts and later back benchers of the class. This obviously influences the overall poise of children. It is high time that you arrange for handwriting expert’s guidance to your child.


4. Am I helping my child or burdening him/her?

If a child is counseled well and made to understand that this particular course is not only going to add to the legibility, speed and beauty of his writing, but also increase the marks in his exams, the child will never perceive this training as a burden.

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